Thursday, December 31, 2015

Car's Moved to Boonville

On December 2 we moved the project car from Dave Folk's place to Ray Graham's place in Boonville.  Dave leads body work, and it's too cold in the winter to do paint, so we will concentrate on mechanical work over the winter.

Had our first workday at Ray's on December 29th.  Great turnout, had six guys in total (Vince, Ray, Clay and Al plus two guys from SIR Brit south, Eric and Jeff).  First step was to rebuild brakes.  We removed one front caliper to confirm that both pistons moved freely - they do.  The pads and rotors looked great, so we are just going to replace the flexible hoses on the front.  Rear brakes were rebuilt with new shoes, wheel cylinders, and flexible hose.  Vince worked with Eric and Jeff on the brakes.  Ray, Clay, and Al took care of the clutch hydraulics, replacing the slave cylinder and flexible line.

Turns out we had three rear brake flexible lines, missing the two for the front so we are ordering those parts.  Could not get the clutch to bleed and operate.  Decided to replace the master cylinder, Clay had one to donate.  On December 31 Clay, Vince and Ray installed the clutch master and bled the clutch hydraulics, we think that part's ready to go now.  We also got the engine to fire on ether (starting fluid).

Here's two pictures from the December 29th work day:

Clay giving advice on how to perform the clutch slave cylinder job:

Vince discussing front brake components with Jeff and Eric:

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